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  • 2014 Tour and New Album Update

    Hey Believers! 

    I haven’t been in touch in a while and wanted to update you on a couple things that are coming down the pike for the LMB. 

    First off, I’m very excited to announce our next 2014 tour and I hope you’re excited too! There are some specific dates listed below, but we’re always adding more, because we love to play for you! So make sure you check back here on out TOUR page for all of our latest updates and schedules.

    Secondly, I am happy to say that we are writing material for our third album, hopefully to be released late 2015.  I say hopefully because a lot goes into getting ready to record a whole new set of songs.  What I am REALLY happy about is the direction we’re taking with our music!  I think this next album is gonna be a real winner. 

    Along with preparing material for the next release, there’s another project in the works and I’ve started a new blog about it.  You can read all of my ramblings about it HERE.  Please feel free to share your love for the LMB with your friends and family by telling them about us!

    So get ready and hang tight …. This next year is going to be a wild ride! I hope ya come along with me!

    Thank you for your continued support.  Without YOU we are nothing!

    ~ Lauren

    LMB November Tour Dates

    Friday 11/7 – Charleston, SC, Holy City Blues Exchange
    Saturday 11/8 – Birmingham, AL, The Red Wolf
    Sunday 11/9 – Montgomery, AL, Capitol Oyster Bar
    Monday 11/10 – New Orleans, LA, Howlin’ Wolf
    Thursday 11/13 – Dahlonega, GA, Crimson Moon Café
    Friday 11/14 – Marietta, GA, Darwin’s Burgers & Blues 


    Cover Girl!

    I have to tell you I was thrilled, and somewhat humbled, when Louise Bruderle contacted me about us sitting down to talk.  I knew we'd be chatting "on the record" about my life, career, and the future of The LMB.  And I knew it was going to end up splashed all over the pages of one of the Gulf Coast's most popular periodicals, West Coast Woman.  Not to mention, I had some pretty big shoes to fill, in that I would be sharing an honor reserved for this area's feminine "movers & shakers". Throughout the interview process, Louise was wonderful.  She had a laid back demeanor that made her easy to talk to.  We talked about all kinds of things other than the LMB.  I even found out she loves opera, so we were able to chat about some of our favorite Divas, which was fun and refreshing for me! We talked for quite a while that first day, and several other times via telephone before the story came out, and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with the result.  When I read the article, it was obvious Louise had listened to everything I said.  I feel like she really captured a part of me that other interviewers haven't.  Louise saw the whole woman I am, not just the entertainer.  She wrote a story I am proud to share with you all.  I hope you enjoy reading it HERE


    What A Night!

    Well folks, WE DID IT!!  A very successful CD Release Party was held Friday, January 25th at The Palladium Theatre to celebrate the release of our DEBUT album, "Please Come Home".  We had a great time playing our "you-know-whats" off for all of our Believers and it looked like you all were enjoying our success with us.  And THAT is what made the night so special for me.  I could look out in the crowd and see friends, fans, and new faces smiling back at me all night long.  What a way to mark the occasion. 


    Encore Performance

    Hi Believers! I have to tell you all that I have been truly humbled and overwhelmed by the response to the new album.  We are so blessed to be able to share it with you! We have also been inundated with requests from fans and friends to host a CD Release Party in Sarasota .... and so we will!


    Please Come Home Tour

    Big News!  Hello Believers!  I have to tell you that I am starting to get really excited for our "Please Come Home" Tour, and for good reason! Our first show of the run starts one week form today in Durham, North Carolina, and leads us to London, Ontario, and even back to my hometown of Canton, Ohio!   I know we're gonna have a great time. 


    About "Live! From The Bradfordville Blues Club"

    I've recently been asked by a few people to talk about the new album.  It seems everyone wants to know the story behind our decision to record a live performance instead of going back into the studio. So I'll let you in on some of the thought process ... We knew it was  time to release another album and even though we've been working hard on writing some new original material for a fab studio release, recording in the studio, an artist can loose a little of the power of a live show.


    CD Release Party - Thank You!

    Well folks ... WE DID IT!! The new album is finally in some very happy Believers' hands. Thanks to all who made it to our first CD Release Party at The Palladium May 24th.  We had a full house ( I heard there were people outside trying to buy tickets!) & I could really feel the love! I figured I'd take a minute to say thank you, publicly to all who had a part in the making of "Live! From The Bradfordville Blues Club":   Gary & Kim Anton, the owners of the BBC, for keeping the blues alive, treating us so well & just plain being awesome people!


    About the Artist Lauren Mitchell

    "My first solo singing performance happened in church!" recalls Lauren Mitchell, a woman who, in only a few short years, has crafted a singular, unmistakable voice in the world of blues. "I'd been a member of the chorus for productions, but performing in my grandparent's church was the first time I stood on my own and opened my mouth to sing for an audience."


    Movin' On Up

    Hey Believers! 2014 is shaping up to be a great year for the LMB and I wanted to take a quick minute to share some exciting news with you all. It's very important for a band to have representation form a booking agent these days. It helps a group to be able to do more touring and to share their music in areas other than near their home.


    Meet "The Professor"

    In 1968, Michael "The Professor" Hensley began his professional career in Huntington, West Virginia, where he received a music degree in Biology from 9th Street University.



    Piedmont Talent
    (704) 399-2210

    Press Kit

    For all press materials, please visit our Press Room page.  To request additional materials, please email your request to Booking.


    I love to hear from my Believers, so if you have a question or comment, send an email to Lauren.